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We build unique solutions for brands and direct to consumer businesses using the power of OTT, Mobile and integrated commerce, transforming marketing from a cost to a revenue center.

The OTT Model

Interruptive advertising will soon be a thing of the past. Consumers’ insatiable demand for home delivery, on demand media, streaming devices and personalization are increasingly blurring the lines between commerce, entertainment and social media.

We provide a groundbreaking innovation with the creation of bespoke entertainment environments centered around premium original programming that celebrates the lifestyle of any chosen category, while offering in-platform ‘click to buy’ opportunities.

Advertisers seeking these highly targeted audiences have the unique opportunity to transcend the status quo and be integrated into the content in an organic, story-driven manner that places emotional engagement at the heart of any strategy.

Spirits Network

Launching in 2019, the Spirits Network is an entertainment first, membership driven, educational network with unique integrated direct purchase capabilities.

Targeting spirits enthusiasts, it’s designed to bridge the gap between content and commerce through premium short form content featuring experts, influencers and celebrities.

Through a tiered subscription model, Spirits Network members gain access to content, exclusive events and loyalty rewards.

Members receive a monthly ‘booze box’ in categories of their choice.

The network will remain brand partner agnostic to maintain industry neutrality.

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